About Me

Welcome everyone to my site. My name is Dillon Richards, I am 19 years old, I am from Framingham MA, and I am the smartest underachiever you will ever meet. I am a Freshman at the University of Maine Orono and I am going for my bachelors degree in New Media with a minor in Political Science. I have two brothers one older one younger giving me an awful case of middle child syndrome. As for hobbies I play lacrosse, swim, and ski. Hopefully this has been an enlightening view on my life and will interest you to read more.

Creative Statement-

My goal in life is to travel and tell stories that force the mind to think in ways unthought of before. My plan to achieve this goal is through documentaries. Thats why I am in New Media for the help to think conceptually and be at the top of the technological game.

Portrait of Dillon Richards taken by Ben Woodbrey

Portrait of Dillon Richards taken by Ben Woodbrey.